VIOS Interfaces

The gate to productivity.

Connection to existing software architectures – customised.

Interfaces are important – the data, that is collected in your VIOS-Software or the vehicle data gathered and sent, can be connected to your existing software architecture, as well as external systems.

We offer you connections to ERP-systems, sending management EDIFACT, to financial book keeping- and invoice systems or export your data via interfaces into formats like EXCEL, CSV, SOAP and JSON. The bi-directional connection to external systems is possible, too. You need customised interfaces with specific requirements? Do not hestitate to ask.

List of functions:

External administration systems (uni- or bi-directional)

  • ERP systems
  • EDIFACT system
  • Invoice and financial book keeping systems
  • Actinote
  • VIOS data interfaces (Excel, CSV)
  • VIOS service interfaces (SOAP, JSON)




Vehicle/ measuring device interfaces

  • Fuel station (charging stations and fuel stations)
    (e.g. DAI, HORN-tecalemit, ALFONS HAAR Countmaster)
  • Vehicle equipment-/ systems (Bartec, Sening, Haar)
  • Navigation system (Google/ NAVIGON)