VIOS Planner

Automatic & manual tourplanning, under full resource control and accounting for time restrictions.


Handling orders with mobile devices: digitally supported order conduct, while integrating traffic information.


VIOS-Planner provides free and computer supported planning for the administration and use of all ressources in one application. You can group your orders into tours and plan these in accordance with different criteria. By taking time and loading restrictions into account, VIOS-Planner helps to make optimal use of your capacities.
An encompassing planning process increases efficiency in delivery, collection and other services. Excel-interfaces enable access to all data for further external processing.
You can choose the degree of automisation – manual, as well as automatic opimisation components are at your disposal. This way your orders are prepared quickly and efficiently.  


VIOS planning system
Developed as a plannning component for administrating and accompanying service-personell in crafts and in sales, the planning software aids to organise customers, locations and employees.
It is ideal for the organisation of workforces in the field, i.e. by fixing a daily workload via the routing of a service tour, either open-endend, or as round tour, back to the company location.

The system also gives the possibility to group company locations and visualise the according catchment areas or sales areas. Functionalities like displays of taxed highways and streets, a vicinity search for points of interest and adresses and the display of traffic information on the map, complete the intuitive planning experience.

List of functions

  • Personnel management (incl. working times, holidays/ sick leave)
  • Fleet management (incl. availability planning/ workshop time)
  • Customer management
  • Location management
  • Order and order position management
  • Creation of collective- and contract orders, including preparing call orders
  • Model orders with single positions as copy template 
  • Planning of multiple-day-tours
  • Planning of preloading and ramp times



Planning horizon: daily, weekly or monthly planning

  • Manual tour planning with restriction check
  • Distance and time calculation for the tours 
  • Consideration of time restrictions or order or location
  • Consideration of loading restrictions
  • Consideration of article restrictions 
  • Consideration of driver qualifications
  • Consideration of article restrictions concerning vehicle adequacy
  • Consideration of location restrictions concerning vehicle adequacy
  • Consideration of restricted tour duration, driving period and break times
  • Administration of regular orders with driving tasks





  • Add-On Truck attributes for routing
  • Add-On Manual tour planning with automatic sequence optimisation
  • Add-On Automatic tour grouping and sequence optimisation
  • Add-On Mobile order management (communication, status tracking)
  • Add-On Automatic order tracking and notification function with message to dispatcher or end customer
  • Add-On Interfaces to external systems (ERP, invoice, financial accounting…)

Advantage in combination:

If you combine VIOS Planner and VIOS Monitor, you profit from synergetic effects.