VIOS Optimiser

You wish to increase the efficiency of your work processes by your own target concepts?

VIOM offers customised solutions for need-oriented process optimisation.

VIOS optimiser allows you to improve the day-to-day work in your company: the sequence optimisation for you routing facilitates an optimally ordered line-up of given locations. Strategies in play are, for example, „first-to-last“ (first and last location are fixed, common in sales tours), „open end“ (the start is fixed, the destination is flexible, common in sub-contractor tours), „round trip“ (start and and are at the same location, common in delivery tours from a depot). The optimisation takes the time windows for arrivals at the locations into account.

Automatic tour planning, multi-depot optimisation, plannning of encounter traffics and floating depot planning enable you to keep very high efficiency standards. The side loader optimisation is a functionality to meet the planning requirements of disposal tours.

List of functions

  • Sequence optimisation
  • Side loader optimisation



  • Automatic tourplanning
  • Multi depot optimisation



  • Planning of encounter traffic
  • Floating depot planning