VIOS Monitor

Vehicles, plants, and work forces – Field operation organisation in real time.

Software and hardware to prepare and conduct your work processes - we analyse and evaluate.

VIOS-Monitor enables you to see everything at first glance: the distribution of your fleet, the designation of your personell and running operations. Who has done which tours and when, can easily be seen on the map and in the history. From this, you can generate an automatic driver´s log, as well as both daily and monthly reports.

You also have the possibility to control distance and time, as well as to administrate planned and driven routes and estimate the costs. A map display shows the current distribution of vehicles. Pre-defined events informing you on maintenance requirements and irregularities in daily operations provide additional security. Environmental data like traffic or weather conditions are displayed, just like the drive technology of your vehicles is included and displayed in real time.

List of functions

  • Capturing of fuel, operating materials and additives
  • Fleet management (incl. availability planning/ workshop time)
  • Tank plant management (company filling stations)
  • Personell management (incl. working times,  holidays/ sick leave)
  • Vehicle localisation
  • Vehicle history (mobility data)
  • Gantt-graph showing course of the day
  • Daily and monthly reports, driver´s log
  • Location management
  • Automatic vehicle-/ device check with notification system



  • Geo functions
    • Address finder
    • Routing
    • Geo fencing
    • ETA control
    • Traffic information
    • Map display
  • Individual roadblocks
  • Manual fuel data collection
  • Automatic fuel data collection
  • Tour related capturing of work times via VIOS MOBILE or VIOS TELEMATICS





  • Add-On traffic situation
  • Add-On weather data 
  • Add-On sequenz optimisation while routing 
  • Add-On truck attributes for routing
  • Add-On extended data storage (365)

Advantage in combination:

Extend the functionality of the VIOS Monitor by using the program in combination with the VIOS Planner.