VIOS Mobile

Order management on the fly – react immediately.

Systematic order and felxibility seem like contradictions – they are not!

VIOS mobile is the component for mobile transactions and status tracking of orders. It records reasons for order cancellations, customer signatures and additional information like status, break times and more. The interactive list of tours ‘to go’ supports driver and dispatcher with commissioning and loading, transactions with scan and signature, as well as navigation and online disposition. The tablets and smartphones are supported by windows, iOS and android operating systems.

Additional functionalities, when chosen, are an extended control of the loads by using scanners, an automatic navigation to the location of a chosen order and the connection to external systems, like measuring devices, cooling systems and printers.

List of functions

  • Order transactions and status tracking
    • Quantity recording at finish-notification
    • Reasons for order cancellations
    • Customer signature
  • Communication between driver and disposition (exchange of messages and notifications)



  • Recording of additional information (break times, traffic jam, accident…)
  • Driver information: ETA-warning (estimated time of arrival)
  • Driver information: traffic situation



  • Add-On loading control with scanner connection
  • Add-On navigation to location
  • Add-On connection to external, vehicle sided system, (measuring devices, cooling systems, printers)