VIOS Operations

Hosting – your data and your system is secure with us.

You calculate, we care for the rest – SAAS, updates, geo services, support.

Good maintenance is fundamental for every system. It takes time and know-how in a good balance. VIOM has many years of hosting experience and is happy to do it for you and your data, too. You can use your data, without having to care for the entire server operations. We take care of the hardware and backups and process them in a good infrastructure with a high data transfer volume. The storage of your data happens in high performance data centres in Germany, where all requirements of the german data protection regulations are being upheld.

Your data deserves our full attention. VIOM offers a 24/7 service level agreement and a hotline, to make sure everything works and to enable notification on any problems. User support bundles are available with immediate advice and explanations, concerning maintenance as well as data storage.


  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Updates


  • Hosting GEO-Services
  • Support


  • Data storage and Backups