VIOS Analysis

Quality through overview. Reaching the target state, by analyzing the actual state.

A conclusion is drawn from premises and premises are made of information – we analyse the premises and evaluate to give conclusions.

Strategic worlds open up with the analysis of your personell and fleet ressources. When you know the actual state, you can define your targets.
With the use of the analysis software, you will extend your fleet overview, since single vehicles, as well as fleet parts can now be evaluated and compared considering consumption, performance, frequency of use and many more values.

Your order situation can be analysed for distance, time and consumption – your benefits are the order and tour analysis results and, for example, CO2-reports.

List of functions

VIOS fleet analysis with order management:

  • Vehicle overview
  • Service statistics
  • Vehicle evaluation




  • Consumption evaluation
  • Emission analysis (CO2)
  • Analysis of economic efficiency




  • Data analysis based on mobility- and operating data
  • Order analysis