VIOM Geo services

Single functions for your application.

Whether digital maps or ETA and address finder-functions
- Geo services facilitate operations.

VIOM GmbH expertise is usable independently of the VIOS software.
Already prepared modular bundles of functions and services to be included one by one, according to need and efficiency considerations. We additionally offer services like the creation of digital maps (overlays), do geo coding of your data or convert the existing geo data from one format into the other.

You need routing for your specific need? You can ask us for individual routings! Functions like ETA-Service (estimated arrvial time) and current weather- and traffic data for your planned routes are integratable, if not alreday included in the product of your choice.


List of functions

  • Digital maps
  • Geo coding
  • Routing
  • Sequence optimisation



  • Geo finder with different search functions, incl. Finding points of interest (POI)
  • ETA-Service (estimated time of arrival)



  • Geo fence service (virtual borders/ fences) 
  • Traffic information
  • Environmental data