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    Visions of Mobility

Software that moves.

The VIOM GmbH was founded in 2002, with focus on the use of new technologies for an increasingly mobile society. The company operates in the area of optimisation systems and geo informatics and puts emphasis on process optimisation and tour planning in transport logistics, geographic information systems (GIS) and telematics, as well as communication applications with mobile devices. This includes a broad support of mobility in freight and passenger transport, along the lines of the process chain, as well as the processing and analysis of vehicle, order and geo information related data for unambiguous results to be used in fleet management.

The extension of exisiting mobility concepts under energy, infrastructural and environmental aspects, which is still to have environmental value, necessitates an extension of classic strategies in software engineering. With the use of web services, wireless lan, GPRS, UMTS, mobile devices and sensors, VIOM offers standardised products and customised solutions, as well as API´s and interfaces for services of third-party-applications, in the area of logistics.


Mobile technologies in service of the public:

Through co-operation with institutions of higher education, VIOM keeps a close connection to science and research, which provides the opportunity to participate in the solving of current challenges.

This includes:

  1. Use of existing data under new aspects and considerations
  2. Identification of optimisation capacities
  3. Development and establishment of instruments and functions to increase mobility
  4. Extension of electromobility under consideration of models of loading infrastructure and …
  5. … range analysis

1. New aspects and considerations

  • the interconnection of project work, operatonal projects and science and reseach leads to a constant development of competences
  • operational projects enable SAAS (software as a service) the provison of complete services by the VIOM GmbH, including the needed server-hardware, maintenance and hosting 
  • initial checking and accessing of existing data und changed perspectives enables the reuse of data. VIOM supports and promotes the extension of open data directories with free access

2. Optimisation capacities:

Project work supports respectively individualised customising after a successful process analysis and thus always leads to customer and branch specific solutions, in a practice-oriented manner. The adjustment of models to specific requirements opens an extension of the areas of use, while demanding comparably small modifications, and serves the environmental and economical optimisation.

3. Increase of mobility:

Especially under the aspect of current demographic change, the increase of mobility gains additional importance, in particular for elderly people. Participation in public life is highly dependent on an unrestricted use of public transportation. VIOM contributes to the fine-grained collection of way and building construction data, to be able to include pedestrian walking in intermodal routing.

4. Electromobility

A development and establishment of charging infrastructure is necessary in the area of electromobility, to enable a formidable economic use of e-vehicles, for example in inner city freight traffic.

5. Range analysis

Range analysis according to real vehicle data of different e-vehicle manufacturers can give a framework for reliable charging management under daily transport logistical conditions and the specific technical conditions of the e-vehicles.


VIOM Customers & partners, networks

Focus points

  • Scientific research partners, corporate- and innovation networks
  • B2B co-operations (business-to-business) as long term strategic or product complementing partnerships
  • Sustainable reseller partnerships in the areas of navigation systems, map data and map technology


VIOM culture and strategy

Why mobility concepts? - “The journey is the destination”

This insight by Konfuzius is valid quite literally, as well as figuratively, for the various business areas of VIOM. While unaltered old concepts seldomly stay as useful as they were, in times of constant change, this insight has lost non of its meaning – the journey of optimisation is never really over.

Albeit the fact that with basis building blocks, one too, has to make use of the known, new technologies are always related to new concepts and those are getting increasingly interesting in 2018.

In the heart of these interests lies the responsible use of finite and renewable ressources. The high requirements of an encompassing sustainability lead to fundamental search endeavours for possibilities to increase efficiency.

A big potential often exists in companies and in personal mobility, that is not easily caught at first glance.

It lies at the core of the VIOM corporate strategy to identify and utilise these potentials for our customers.