SMART e-User

eMobility show case project: gain increasing concept for electronic city logistics.

Economical electro mobility in urban agglomeration areas: distance-reachability-analysis and analysis of built vs. upcoming loading infrastructure (Partner: TUB-IVP/TUB-Log/TUB-DAI/DEKRA/DLR/DHL/MediaVita/VIOM).

Since April 2012, Berlin-Brandenburg is one of four showcases for electromobility. In light of the decision of the German Bundestag, the Federal Government funds research in this context and the development of alternative drive technologies.

These large-scale regional demonstration and pilot endeavours, electromobility is tested at the crossing of energy system, vehicle and traffic system. Smart-E-User is one of those projects.
The aim was a user encroaching evaluation of potential for urban freight traffic from the energy, economic, logistic and traffic related perspective.

The innovation was given through the gathering of real vehicle data by measurement equipment, specified through vehicle sided installation, as basis for the development of an energy management for loading controls and its integration in dynamic tour planning.


VIOM´s tasks in this project included a number of functions. Among them the development of a system platform for planning and monitoring of electronic vehicles in economic traffic, an extension of the VIOS planning software for the adequate collection and comparison based fixed cost analysis of mixed fleets with specified, drive dependent costs parameters, an integration concept of electronic vehicles in regular company operations of a CEP logistics service and in passenger transport.

Additionally, the development encompassed an economic analysis for the use of electro vehicles in regular company operations, person transport and the creation of user profiles of various actors in urban freight and passenger traffic.

Further parts were the development of a simulation scenario for the extensive e-vehicle deployment within the regular operations, as well as the analysis of range capacity while taking seasonal weather situations into account, by building a server system with databank to continuously collect and historise weather data.

The research project „Smart e-User“ is funded by the Ministry of economy and technology. The partners include the Technical University Berlin, Dekra e.V. Deutsche Post AG, German Centre for Air and Space Travel - Institute of Traffic Research, als well as the MediaVita GmbH.
The course of the project contains: the integration of traffic data for charging control and the adjustment of a dynamic tour planning system, the creation of a system platform for planning and monitoring of freight traffic, test scenarios for the e-deployment, vehicle equiptment, charging station configuration and more.

The aims of the project were the development of a user neutral IT-solution for a systematic interconnection of elements like vehicles, energy, traffic and logistics; the demonstration of economically viable applications in the supply of chosen inner city areas in Berlin with goods and services; as well as a (prototypical) simulation of an extensive realisation of the according electronic vehicle conepts and applications with the developed approaches.