Our expertise for tasks in industry, administration and education

Our Services are individual analysis and data processing with the help of geo services, consulting on and sales of geo data and well aimed conduct of consulting, lectures and seminars for further education on Telematics systems and the appropriate software.

Our services divide into physical and digital parts. You choose target/ trainee group and extent of performance – do not hesitate to contact us about these choices. Well done geo-services are an essential part of logistic success.


VIOS & Geo services for the use in education and trainings

Know how and training materials on mobility 4.0.

Telematics- and analysis trainings for the digitalised automobile industry, teaching materials for your vocational schools, online seminars and more.

Geo data processing

Geo data for your application.

Maps, addresses, streets, rails, waterstreets, traffic patterns, marketing data, inhabitant density and much more, all related to your data.


FCD Data preparation

Floating Car data preparation - data collection from people, vehicles and systems.
We analyse and evaluate.

BIG data: anonymised analysis of a mass of positioning- and measurement data to determine traffic situation, parking space availability emissions and more.


Consulting and training for your personell – calm through confidence.

Information and structure explanations when needed – to support decision making and to enable your employees.