Systems for monitoring, planning and analysis

This is a list of assembled software modules. It will ease the choice of functionalities at your disposal. The chosen functionalities and the measuring technologies used accordingly, support the daily operative work and enable you to do complex planning, analysis and optimization decisions.

VIOS Monitor

Vehicles, plants, and work forces – field operation organisation in realtime.

Software and hardware to prepare and conduct your work processes.

VIOS Planner

Automatic & manual tour planning under full resource control and accounting for time restrictions.

Handling orders with mobile devices: digitally supported order conduct, while integrating traffic information.

VIOS Mobile

Order management on the fly – react immediately.

Systematic order and flexibility seem like contradictions – they are not!

VIOS Optimiser

You wish to increase the efficiency of your work processes by your own target concepts?

VIOM offers customised solutions for need-oriented process optimization.

VIOS Analysis

Quality through overview. Reaching the target state by analyzing the actual state.

A conclusion is drawn from premises and premises are made of information – we analyse the premises and evaluate to give conclusions.

VIOM GEO Services

Seperate functions for your application.

Whether using digital data or ETA and adressfinder functions - geo services ease your processes.

VIOS Interfaces

The gate to productivity.

Connection to existing software architectures – customised.

VIOS Telematics

Digitalisation in automobile-mechanics – the maintenance of the future.

Telematics: 'telecommunication and informatics' – what it is for and how we provide it.

VIOS Operations

Hosting – your data and your system are secure with us.

You calculate, we care for the rest – SAAS, updates, geo services, support.