Future oriented in the here and now

VIOM research

VIOM engages in different research endeavours 

Research projects as guarantee to be part of the Zeistgeist – From new challenges to innovative solutions and business models.

The work in funded research programmes is a possibility, to work on current challenges in society and arrive at practice orientented solutions. Due to the regulations for the eligibility of research projects, these projects are somewhat by default at the heart of society problems of the time. The thusly ensured actuality reference enables referring to a broad societal consens.

Increase of efficiency
The close working relationship between project partners leads to a multi-dimensional view on the topics, which makes it possible to combine und utilise all needed competences. Within the project frame, collectively reached project aims and intermediate waystones can be used differently, more than once, and can be brought into follow up projects to be integrated with new tasks of further development.



Competences in a time of digital revolution.

Digital competences for new technological fields to ensure the ability to compete and grow economically.

Smart e-User

eMobility- showcase-project: gain increase concept for electronic city logistics.

Economical electro mobility in city agglomeration areas: distance-reachability-analysis and analysis of built vs. upcoming loading infrastructure (Partner: TUB-IVP/TUB-Log/TUB-DAI/DEKRA/DLR/DHL/MediaVita/VIOM).

ViBe - Virtual Assistant

Supporting and elevating mobility in old age, through virtual assistance systems.

Mobility support in public short-distance transportation: accessible routing from door to door, through the gathering and under the use of way-related data.



Reduction of CO2 emissions.

Emission reduction in inner city freight traffic
Increase of energy efficiency by dynamic tourplanning.