Competences in the age of digital revolution.

Digital competences for new fields of technology to ensure competative ability and economic growth.

The european education systems work on covering the rapidly developing technologies in their classes and to teach digital competences for those new fields of technology.
The „Car2Lab“-project conceptualises and produces learning materials under co-operation with partners of four EU countries, from vocational training institutions in the automobile sector, higher education institutions, companies and economic trade associations.

Exemplary for the new field of vehicle telematics, this project shows how traditional vocations are being surpassed and how this is to be dealt with in education, when teaching new competences. A new interactive digital tool was developed, to teach and learn respectively, digital contents and applications/ tools. Students and vocational trainees are able to learn practically in physical telematics applications and vehicles, hands on.

The project inlcudes interedependent, pre-existing activities, like the development of a learning model and innovative learning tool – the „telematics kit“; the test of the model in vocational schools and for teacher trainings, the conceptualisation of its possibilities of use in higher education and the learning units for the bachelor degrees in telematics. The central result of the project is an innovative, transferrable learning model for telematics in vehicles, which mirrors both vehicle technology and digital contents in its competence requirements and transfer it into learning units and educational practice. With this, supposed subject borders of the traditional automobile industry are overcome, combining mechanics and ICT industry.

VIOM prgrammes the software of the prototype. This includes the IT design, the development, the developmental realisation of the wanted functionalities, the preparations for the localisation of the software in different language versions and the tests of the software. VIOM is also involved in the documentation efforts of learning units and conceptualisation, additionally to obligatory software documentation.

A seminar for the introduction of the telematics kit to education institutions was developed and held, to support teachers planning to work with the kit.



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