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Workshop about C2L telematics kit: vocational and higher education

NEWS - Berlin, February 2018

On the 18-02-28, VIOM organised a ‘multiplier event’ in the course of the Europe wide education project “Car2Lab”. It was a workshop called

“Can we drive into the future together? Digitalisation in the automotive sector as challenge for vocational and higher education”.

Interactions between vocational and higher education about telematics/ technology, economy and mobility were the centre of attention. Part of the programme were the presentation of the successfully produced teaching material “telematics kit” and its possibilities of use, as well as a discussion with the participants.
We thank all of the participants for the motivated and captivating discussion and the light shed on the topics, from the perspectives of politics, vocational education, company trainings, higher education, as well as the needs of the automobile workshops and other crafts, in the framework of educational funding.
Documentation of the event can be found soon, on this website under “Research” on the “Car2Lab” page.

Here are some impressions from the event:

A.E. Lipinski (VIOM), K. Küttner-Lipinski (VIOM), M. Kuhlmann (Senat administration for Economy, Energy and ), S. Niewiara (KFZ-Innung, Berlin), R. Rahmig (Schulleiter OSZ Kraftfahrzeugtechnik), G. Wittgen (BGZ), H.M. Spöri (Spöri-Autowerkstatt)

Further Information on the Erasmus+ Projekt „Car2Lab".

02.03. 2018, kkl


FP-Monitor 2018

NEWS - Berlin, Celle January 2018

The monitor, originally developed for FaktorPlus GmbH in Celle, was renewed and extended for one functional block. Effective immediately, the automatic collection of fuel data from operating fuel stations and its balance in relation to the consumption data from the telematics-data-collection is a standing part of the system. The foundation for the FP Monitor is the VIOS system with its services, servers and communication installations. The VIOS web platform enables FaktorPlus to design and develop a new version of the system in their own making and to provide this system for their customers. With this, VIOM makes the first step to opening up the use of the VIOS system to third party developers, after already providing singular geo functions in the general portfolio.

23.01.2018, rl


VIOS online 2018

NEWS - Berlin, December 2017

The VIOM action plan for the year 2018 is ready. The maintenance and provision of our well known VIOS (for telematics, disposition, order-management with mobile support and much more) is being transformed, stepp by step, to arise in a brand-new vest. And there will be – wherever it is useful – an online web version. Here there is not only the known bundle of functionalities at your disposal, regrouped into new categories. Additionally, we integrated new areas, like the connecting of digital tachographs, integration of OBD-data loggers and a speficic VIOS version for device monitoring and theft protection.

Curious? We are happy to talk to you!

User interface - vehicle messages User interface - live view of measured data

20.12.2017, rl


OBD-II - the data logger for every occasion

NEWS - Berlin / Vilnius, November 2017

Effective immediately, the new generation of Teltonika devices is available in the VIOS-system. Especially the OBD-II device-plugs can be used in all modern (year of construction, from 2009 on) cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV). The installation is held minimal, in form of the challenge to find the according ODB socket for the OBD plug (we are happy to deliver a manual) and to plug the plug in. Hah, that was easy!
The new hardware is completely integrated into the VIOS system and is delivering data about the vehicle operations (consumption, distance, vehicle analysis…) VIOM offers the OBD-systems optionally complete with mobilephone data flatrate, or separately, without mobilephone data flatrate, for a fixed price.


OBD II - plug in vehicle Telematics test vehicles of VIOM and HTW Berlin

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23.11.2017, kkl


Car2Lab - Telematics kit handover in Italy

NEWS - Vicenza/Berlin, Oktober 2017

On the 24th October 2017, the ceremonial handover of the first telematics kit version, declared ready for action, was celebrated in Vicenca (Veneto), at the third transnational meeting of the Car2Lab project partners from Denmark, Poland, Germany and Italy.

The PIA SOCIETA' SAN GAETANO in Vicenza took the new kit in, where it is already in use.

Car2Lab telematics kit Explanation of the VIOM software in use

Many possibilities of use, given by the kit, were exemplified and shown, for the in-vehicle use and the use in the classroom or in seminars.

The subsequent practice tests in preparation of the handover were conducted at the TH Wildau, University for Technology and economy (HTW) in Berlin in colaboration with KFZ-Innung Berlin and VIOM GmbH.

27.10.2017 rl


Telematics solution for ZAH Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Hildesheim (waste disposal economy)

NEWS - Berlin / Celle / Hildesheim, September 2017

In cooperation with our partner FaktorPlus from Celle, the Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Hildesheim (waste disposal economy) will introduce a VIOS solution specially adapted for waste management. FaktorPlus takes care of the project coordination, the equipment of the vehicles and the support of the ZAH employees. The VIOS-based FaktorPlus monitoring system is supplemented by VIOM's VIOS driver assistance system with connection to Q-Soft's ACS system.


ADAC – Traffic and holiday information extended

NEWS - Berlin / Munich, August 2017

Lately, the traffic and holiday information running for ADAC has been extended, especially regarding the holiday times. In the course of the FCD data processing, all incoming and processed data is archived. The VIOM GmbH is able to create extractions from the archive under various filtering criteria. 
The extension of FCD data processing consists of a quantitative increase of signal notifications per second and the extension of the processed areas, now including the Netherlands, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sierra Leone and Costa Rica.

14.08.2017 ael


National Bicycle Traffic Plan 2020

INFO - Federal Ministry for Traffic and digital infrastructure

Since January 2013, the National Bicycle Traffic Plan 2020 is in effect. The strategic foundational document for the political activities concerning bicycle traffic of the Federal Government presents the guidelines for the support and funding of bicycle traffic in the next years. Here it concerns federal funds of annually 3.2 mio. Euro for non-investment projects, with a high degree of innovation and transferability.


14.07.2018, ael

Extension of tolls onto all federal interstate roads in July 2017

INFO - car and street regulations

The process of expanding the truck tolls on highways, since 2005, and on highway like interstate roads, since 2012, is a reoccurring topic. The expansions are realised in stages. For Juli 2017, the newest regulation of extending the toll to all interstate roads takes effect.
“The Federal Interstate Road Toll Law (BFStrMG) is in effect, since 19th Juli 2017. The law to raise road related charges for the use of federal interstate roads and highways replaced the hitherto effective Highway Toll Law for Heavy Industrial Vehicles (ABMG). The content of the Federal Interstate Road Toll Law is to a great extend identical with the Highway Toll Law for Heavy Industrial Vehicles. Relevant changes are the regulations to extend the toll on federal interstate roads. Since 01st August 2012, 84 federal interstate roads with 1.135 km of length became subject to toll charges.” (source: Kfz-Auskunft)

14.07.2017, ael

July 2017 - 3rd Future Congress “Bringing technology to humans”

Germany, Bonn - Congress

Topic of event

3. Future Congress “Bringing technology to humans”

Date 26.06.2017, 11:00 h – 27.06.2017, 14:00 h

World Conference Center Bonn, Platz der Vereinten Nationen 2, 53113 Bonn

Further Information


15.06.2017, kkl

Car2Lab – First showcase of the prototype in Poznan

NEWS - Berlin/Poznan, Mai 2017

In May 2017, the first prototype of the telematics kit was introduced at the transnational meeting of the Car2Lab consortium in Poznan. Part of this introduction was the further development of the related software. It was well received and motivated interested discussion about the best possibilities of use. The strength of this learning material lies in the visibility of the transition between the collection and further processing of measurement data. The kit is usable in various contexts, without losing explanatory power concerning specific processes to enable this, it is possible to play and replay realistic scenarios. This can be done with live realistic data, as well as simulated data.

20.06.2017 ael

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